Jfoto Photography
by Jay Carroll

Ford Gorge Games
Enjoy these samples of my Photography. The following images are placed at very low resolution. Please contact me to view additional material or if you are interested in using these images.
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Jay Carroll 2000

"The 2002 Ford GorgeGames .......Perfect Gorge conditions, smooth"

Kayaking Final Big Brother Falls White Salmon River

BigBro26& BigBro30SaraMulllins& BigBro28ShanonCarroll
n Big Brotherthen getyLSara Mulletydia tothen eShanon Carroll

BigBro11DanGavier& BigBro17BrianShaw& BigBro19SteveFisher
Dan Gaveir&thbbbbbbe yyyBrian Shaw&t tbhisbbbisheSteve Fisher

& BigBro23DanGaveir& BigBro30& BigBro32Tao
Dan Gaveir&thbbbbbooyyyBig Brother&t tbhisooobbbisheTao

Rescue out of cave

BZ Falls Kayak Extreme time trais
BZFalls4& BZfalls13& BZFalls11
n BZ Falls Kayak Extreme time trais
Falls15 &BZFalls19& BZFalls025
BZ Falls Kayak Extreme time trais
BZFalls25ScottShipley & BZFalls2534

Head to Head Kayak Elimination, BZ Launch


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Whadda show! thankyou competitors and Ford GorgeGames.

omExcuse my spelling, or captions please correct me Eme..