Jfoto Photography
By Jay Carroll
Ford Gorge Games
Kiteboarding Freestyle
Enjoy these samples of my Photography. The following images are placed at very low resolution. Please contact me to view additional material or if you are interested in using these images.
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Jay Carroll 2002

"The 2002 Ford GorgeGames .......Perfect Gorge conditions"

Kiteboarding Freestyle Final at the Eventsite
& KB2& KB4
The Event Site KB2 then geBeBecameoydia toen eThe Kite Site KB4

KB1& KB3& KB5
KB1&thbbbkool eventbbyyy KB3 &t tbh kool enetsisbish KB5

KB6 & KB13 & KB12 KB6&thbbbkool eventbbyyy KB13 &t tbh kool enetsisbish KB12
KB9 & &KB8 KB9&thbbbkool even&t th kool enetsisbish KB8

KB14& KB17 &KB15
bKB14&thbbbkool eventbbyyy KB17 &t tbh kool enetsisbish KB15

&KB16 &KB10
KB16&thbbbkool even tbh kool enetsisbish KB10

KB18 & KB24& KB29
KB18&thbbbkool eventbbyyy KB24 &t tbh kool enetsisbish KB29

KB20 & KB22
KB20&thbbbkool eventb tbh kool enetsisbish KB22

KB21& KB24 & KB25
KB21&thbbbkool eventbbyyy KB224 &t tbh kool enetsisbish KB25

KB26 & KB27& KB28
KB26&thbbbkool eventbbyyy KB27 &t tbh kool enetsisbish KB28

& KB31&

Thankyou competitors and Ford GorgeGames.