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The Quartz Creek Trail is on our return to ride list. It is very beautiful ascending through amazing old growth stands. We were unable to finish this trail due to the tangle of downed giant trees.
JFOTO-QuartzCreek MountainBiking6400 JFOTO-QuartzCreek MountainBiking6500 JFOTO-QuartzCreek MountainBiking6508
JFOTO-QuartzCreek MountainBiking6511 JFOTO-QuartzCreek MountainBiking6522 JFOTO-QuartzCreek MountainBiking6524
JFOTO-QuartzCreek MountainBiking6529 JFOTO-QuartzCreek MountainBiking6538 JFOTO-QuartzCreek MountainBiking6534
JFOTO-QuartzCreek MountainBiking6547 JFOTO-QuartzCreek MountainBiking6542 JFOTO-QuartzCreek MountainBiking6544
JFOTO-QuartzCreek MountainBiking6554 JFOTO-QuartzCreek MountainBiking6549 JFOTO-QuartzCreek MountainBiking6726
Snaggle tooth creek runs orange with minerals
JFOTO-QuartzCreek MountainBiking6581 JFOTO-QuartzCreek MountainBiking6568 JFOTO-QuartzCreek MountainBiking6571
Under a canopy of giants the roll is wonderfull on Fir needle duff, steep at times but smooth
JFOTO-QuartzCreek MountainBiking6570 JFOTO-QuartzCreek MountainBiking6674 JFOTO-QuartzCreek MountainBiking6585
JFOTO-QuartzCreek MountainBiking6586 JFOTO-QuartzCreek MountainBiking6619 JFOTO-QuartzCreek MountainBiking6601
Some mighty trail work has been done, but we passed above it and the trail became tangled
JFOTO-QuartzCreek MountainBiking6603 JFOTO-QuartzCreek MountainBiking6604
JFOTO-QuartzCreek MountainBiking6602 JFOTO-QuartzCreek MountainBiking6703
JFOTO-QuartzCreek MountainBiking6605 JFOTO-QuartzCreek MountainBiking6611
This is an amazing trail through HUGE trees
JFOTO-QuartzCreek MountainBiking6613 JFOTO-QuartzCreek MountainBiking6618 JFOTO-QuartzCreek MountainBiking6627
JFOTO-QuartzCreek MountainBiking6606 JFOTO-QuartzCreek MountainBiking6692 JFOTO-QuartzCreek MountainBiking6700
JFOTO-QuartzCreek MountainBiking6629 JFOTO-QuartzCreek MountainBiking6632 JFOTO-QuartzCreek MountainBiking6657
JFOTO-QuartzCreek MountainBiking6651 JFOTO-QuartzCreek MountainBiking6624 JFOTO-QuartzCreek MountainBiking6647
The Mt Adams Fires Smoke blanked out the sun into a erie orange glow.
Ash was falling lightly like snow
JFOTO-QuartzCreek MountainBiking6678 JFOTO-QuartzCreek MountainBiking6706 JFOTO-QuartzCreek MountainBiking6666
JFOTO-QuartzCreek MountainBiking6669 JFOTO-QuartzCreek MountainBiking6673
The trail was an impassable tangle of giant fallen trees and we couldn’t even find the trail on foot. Even after a peanut butter energy bomb it was impassable so we turned around and enjoyed the descent from the day’s climb.
JFOTO-QuartzCreek MountainBiking6707 JFOTO-QuartzCreek MountainBiking6714 JFOTO-QuartzCreek MountainBiking6729
JFOTO-QuartzCreek MountainBiking6737 JFOTO-QuartzCreek MountainBiking6743 JFOTO-QuartzCreek MountainBiking6733
JFOTO-QuartzCreek MountainBiking6735 JFOTO-QuartzCreek MountainBiking6741 JFOTO-QuartzCreek MountainBiking6738
JFOTO-QuartzCreek MountainBiking6744 JFOTO-QuartzCreek MountainBiking6747 JFOTO-QuartzCreek MountainBiking6725
All I can Say is HUGE, This trail is on my return to do list, if it is cleared of the mega downed trees it will be wonderfull. My hats off to the trail crew... what a fantastic place to go to work..
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