Moab Utah SlickRock Mountainbiking Birthday tour 2013
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A six day Birthday Bike trip to Moab Utah, 18 hours drive from White Salmon to Moab Utah
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Idaho's 75 mph speed limit made for speedy day of driving in some rain, We entered Utah to a clearing sky and made it to Soldier Summit for a late night rest and made it into CanyonLands the following morning
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Day 1:  A gravel drive up Bartlett Wash to the welcome shade of a Cottonwood tree and SLICKROCK!!
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A Really smooth and a perfect warm up ride
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The Bartlett Slickrock is a ridge between two washes creating a free ride heaven for bikes
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we bombed all over seeking the smoothest roll and fun niches to ride
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We were having so much fun we didnt notice that it was hot like...... 105 degrees hot,
"Yeah, its hot but its a.... fun dry heat!"
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Wall Street car camp, now we could feel the left over heat of the day and enjoyed a sunsett rainbow
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DAY 2:   We Rallyed early to the SlickRock Trail on Sandflats Rd to beat the heat
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It had been 17 years since we last rode the Slickrock trail with non-suspension bikes. What a huge improvement suspension made to the ride, what a difference..except the climbs are still steep!
Baked off the SlickRock.. we camped at Big Bend on the Colorado River hopefully to find a break from the heat. We Slept well and woke early to drive up to Gemini Bridges in the dark.
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DAY 3:  Park at Gemini Bridges for sunrise, Ride a loop out GETAWAY and back on BULLRUN
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Getaway was an awesome spin in the refreshing morning air
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The day warmed up to near 100 the riding was hot, but entirely enjoyable.
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Riding Bull Run back to the Van was wonderful, A afternoon seista and pasta feed was needed before a short late afternoon ride on Arths Corner, a short very cool mostly slickrock ride
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DAY 4   Dinosaur tracks for breakfast at thr north end of Klondike Bluffs. The bluffs have an awesome network of new single track that we linked into a 17 mile loop.
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DINOFLOW to BABYSTEP south     A Klondike slickrock detour      Onto BABYSTEPS SingleTracks
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BABYSTEP SINGLE TRACKs to LITTLE SALTY then Accross UFO.. A very cool trail    
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Up past Mega Steps to a new trail ALASKA accross the top of the North Bluff
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down ALASKA to HOMER right to the Van by 3pm and the triple digit heat of the day.
We loaded the Bikes, splashed some refreshing cooler ice melt water on our necks and hit the road. Got AC going (65mph four windows down) in the van on our way back to Salt Lake City.
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A fun Coleman roadside diner at Yankee fork rest stop and still energized from four days of awesome riding we blazed past Salt Lake and made it to Boise, Idaho in 8 hours. The next morning we celebrated Susans Birthday at the RiverSide hotel. The Greenbelt paved bike trails were right out the door of our room for a mid morning roll along the Boise River
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But the Pool, Mojitos and hot tub ruled our day   The contrasting textures of today and yesterday
                                                                 Ripples in water                       Ripples in Sandstone

After an evennig of Fun Live Jazz we drove another six hours back home to the Gorge, Six days, 2200 miles, four days of awesome rides and a day of urban luxury on paved trails and pool side mojitos made for an excellent BDay week escape.
Thanks to Susan and "Mosey" the Super Van, it Rocked!!!

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