Two days riding Classic Washington single track
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Falls Creek is a 16 mile Primo Shuttle ride mostly on single track through big trees on Duff and gravel with about 2000 ft vertical drop.
Day one of a two day mountainbiking visit from Dr Edsall.
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Lava tube caves for lunch
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Swerving Single track for afternoon Descent Desert
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The Descent Desert only gets better on smooth Duff in giant trees on the lower trail
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Spinnin' and Grinnin' right to the End
A Great ride and with plenty of daylight time to drive further to camp and our ride tomorrow
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The Lewis River Trail System is a charm following a pristine river with five waterfalls on wonderfull single track. We rode from the upper Horse Camp to Curly Creek making a 16 mile ride
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The upper trail is totally buffed, exposed in sections and meanders through the upper falls campground but is an excellent roll.
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We ran into a hazzard exploring the western access trail at middle falls, the trail is erroded and slopes very steeply off into a mountain bike blackhole, resulting in a cliffhanger.
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The trail leaves the river for some steep climbing high above the river and more hazardous expousure on some corners then descends back to the river.
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In the Land of Knomes...Luxrious cruising in Giant Cedar trees on a fern lined trail.
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The trail ends at the Curly Creek Bridge, Our Infrared index was high from these awesome rides among the Giants...As usual it was wonderful to ride with Dr Edsall
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Falls Creek and Lewis River MountainBiking
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