Silverado Location Scouts
Jay Carroll  AllOverIt Locations- JFoto     - 509-493-2007 (cell) 541-387-4292
10-23-2013 Large Construction Site
Bingen Wa. Marina
Two Constuction sites next to SDS Mill in Bingen Washington -Port of Klickitat
CELILO One Steel stucture with uprights goin up now lots more to come soon. LEASE CRUTCHER LEWIS ...Huge Concrete structure no walls standing yet
10-23-2013 LandScaping - The Stone Yard
Hood River, Or

The Stone Yard, Lots of big custom rocks, fork lift, Bobcat,
Shot in morning and in afternoon when meeting with a freindly Owner
10-23-2013 Barn - Peterson
Oak Grove.OR
Red Barn, Hay feilds Glass Rd and Hwy 35 , Close to Hood River Oregon
10-23-2013 Neil Creek Rd Dead End , lighter traffic -Very close to Mt Hood Mill and Paterson Barn
10-23-2013 MILL Mt Hood Forest Products Intersting painted Lumber, and kool older machinery, Lots of log decks
10-23-2013 Roads and Water
Bingen and Hood River
Road in Port OF Klicktat at Marina and Hood River Marina boat ramp
and The Hook

10-24-2013 Large Construction Site
Bingen Wa. Marina
10-24-2013 - Road GLASS DR
Peterson BARN
One Third of aMile long Road that passes Peterson Barn and ends at East Side rd
10-24-2013 Dock Rd and Parking
At Landscape STONE YARD
Dock Road - Short Rd to Hwy 35 under curved bridge
10-25-2013 TIMBERLINE ACCESS ROAD Steep grade, Some dust and gravel on road    Mie Marker 2.5 is best   ODOT permit
10-25-2013 Mt Hood Meadows Access Road Steep Grade, Some dust and gravel on road   USFS permit needed
to Tow
DJs Equipment Rental in Bingen Washington

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