Wake Surfing
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by Jay Carroll

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Wake Surfing is freeriding behind a balasted Wakeboat at slow speeds (9-14 mph).
A tow line is used to get up out of the water and started on the steep wave just behind the Boat. Once "locked in" the tow rope is tossed inboard and riders surf on a endless wave only to stop when they wash off or until the boat runs out of gas. The Boats are specific Wake boats with rear platforms and direct submerged drives so the propeller is under the boat so the rider cannot get munched. You can surf on just about any thing, traditional surfboards can be used but smaller, tougher specialty wake surf boards are best. They range from really small 3'-5' trick boards (like skim boards with small fins) to more traditonal surf-like 5'-7' boards with Classic pintail and squashtail lines. Surfs up! anywhere!

TimNilsenWake01& WakeMalibuLSV& MikeYlikesit02
Surfing you&the yyooyWaves like this&t thitehbehind a Wake Boat !

& Piearcy05& EricPiearcy12
ooe Eric Piearcy Shred's Folsom Lake, California on a 6' Shred Stixx

Cobe Mikacich surfs 360 aboard a phaze 5 on a small lake in Florida

LaurenFanning01& EricPiearcy16& EricPiearcy14
ooe LaurenFanning&the yyooyEric Piearcy&t thiteFind boyancy- Lake Folsom

JerryPrice9& JerryPrice7& JerryPrice3
Mr ShredStixx, Jerry Price tests his new FishStixx at Lake (point) Yosemete, CA

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Jason on B52 Wake& Tim Lopes on Avalance wake& JerryPrice11
First time Surfers and seasoned Waterdogs all find they cant surf enough!

KeithLyman1& KeithLyman2& Cobe Mikacich
e Keith Lyman&the goy yooyKeith Lyman&t taot hiteCobe Mikacich

Wakeboarders find that Wakesurfing is a great way to stretch and wind down from a day of Wakeboarding

Jsurfsmile& Jsurfsup
Jsurf any where!, Surfs up, Lake Teleco Tennesee

Slick Bumps

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