• Bridal Veil Lakes, Bridal Veil OR
• Camp Colton, Colton OR

• Cathedral Ridge Winery, Hood River OR
• CherryHill, Mosier OR
• CooperSpur Resort, Parkdale OR
• Dalles Civic Center, The Dalles OR
• Gorge Crest Vineyards. Underwood WA
• Hoffman Hills Lavender Farm, The Dalles OR

• Husum Highlands Bed & Breakfast, Husum WA
• LakeCliff Bed & Breakfast, Hood River OR.
• Mt. Hood Bed & Breakfast, Parkdale OR
• StoneHedge Gardens, Hood River, OR
• The Castle on the White Salmon, Husum WA
• The Farm, TroutLake WA
• TrailHead Bed and Breakfast, Trout Lake WA
• Trout Lake Gardens, Trout Lake WA
• Timberline lodge, Timberline OR
• The Dalles Ranch, The Dalles OR
• The Resort at the Mountain, Zig Zag OR
• Persimon Golf Club
• Stratton Rose Garden, Hood River OR
• Skamania Lodge, Stevenson WA
• St Peters Landmark Church, The Dalles OR
• Wind RIver Cellars, Husum WA
• Church Weddings
• Weddings around the Gorge

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