North Umpqua River MoutainBike Ride     09/028/2011

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The North Umpqua River Trial is 79 miles of wonderful single track that is perfectly maintained. The system is broken into many sections with excellent camping along the way. We Rode from the upper sections down following the rivers flow and the flowing trail system during a four day camping trip in September.
Our trip began in our yard around the Alms Bowl with our Bante friends

For a Birthday Chant for Susan and a send off on our drive to The North Umpqua

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On the Road, A three hour drive to Bend
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the High Desert of central Oregon The Land of Ponderosa Pine
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We hooked up with Steve Edsall who drove over from Idaho to ride with us
It was still another hour and half from Bend to Toktee Lake on the North Umpqua River
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We found a small primitive Camp right on the river and trail. As Toktee Camp was Closed
Coleman surgery was need for illumination
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Yeah Lets Ride!!!!
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DAY 1 , a 16 mile Combo ride of the Dread and Terror and Hot Springs Section
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The First Mile and a Half was a wonderfully downhill to the River
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Lemolo Falls on the North Umpqua River
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The First Bridge over the River. Bridges we found over the next days are crucial to trail and camp access.
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Big Trees and smooth pine litter "Duff" make for a great roll
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Seeps and Ferns are everywhere as the trail gets a aliite wetter
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The Weather was awesome in the 80s so small side creeks became a welcome stop to cool down in the river of cool air above them.
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The Trail meanders up and down to the river with some on exposed side hill
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The Seeps flooded the trail in a few wet sections
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The Weeping rocks near the Hot Springs
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We rode to the Van and all squeezed in and shuttled back to Lemolo Lake
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After the shuttle we found a nicer camp near Mott and Panther trail sections
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DAY 2 In the Morning I discovered I had a convenient overnight Flat for breakfast A quick shuttle set our 10.5 mile ride
back to camp on the
Panther and Mott Sections
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The Panther section climbed above the river the morning
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The Panther section rocked!!! with really fun riding
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Eventually we came down to the river on this cool stone trail.
Primarily the end of the Panther section and begging of the Mott Section

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The Mott Section follows the river closely and is very popular with the Fly Fishermen.
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Big Trees
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Stump Jumpers !!!!
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A few more swerves around old growth and the trail dumped us right into our camp
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a REALLY fun day of riding with lots of afternoon time left for .....
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...Camp leisure and a Swim
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Steve jumped a few trout on Fly
JFOTO_0322 JFOTO_0325
Jay jumped a few Flys

For Susans Birthday camp meal
We Had Sauteed mushrooms, onions and green beans with Steak & Oysters and high density "Black hole" Muffins
We slept Well.
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DAY 3, We rode right from camp onto the 16 mile Tioga Section
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The Tioga Section is long and has no bridges so you have to do all 16 miles
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the Tioga section climbs away from the river with over looks
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The day was quite warm and the final climb of the day at "Bobs Butt..  e" was tough
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After descending from Bob Butt the trail widened and became a easy roll
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It was a long hot day but really a nice ride                        Mountain bikers love Dirt
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Deadline Falls Steve's Van marked the end of the trail system and our ride.
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We rode for three days and got in about 45 miles of great single track riding. The camps were perfect in that we could end the day riding right into our camp. It was great to have two cars to do shuttles. Several of the sections were closed from fire or River maintenance (micro Hydro and Salmon recovery)There are many more rides here to do, and one could spend more time here. This was our second trip here and Fire had closed much of the trails on our first trip. We rode all new trails on this visit but ran out of time to do all of them.
So We will Be back !!!. Ride on.....Blazing Saddles
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An omlette at the wheel for breakfast and back home North on Hwy 97 thru...
Central Oregun..
One stop..... Guns and Booze

Come on Back...    luv to eat ya